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Carl Simard
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Chad Sieger (chadsieger) wrote:
1. Sometimes uke's efforts to maintain nice tension get overzealous and they prepare tension that "follows" the move (i.e. they know where it is going so they anticipate).

If this is the case, you should feel that separate technique would be called for (i.e. they may be blocking shiho, but kotagaishi is eaiser than usual.) In this case the uke is not practicing correctly.
It's exactly what was happening. Since I was doing the technique slowly, he had plenty of time to make moves or regain his balance, things that he would not have time to do if the technique was done at normal speed, without pauses to check if feet position are right, am I centered, etc… If I do a small pause without applying too much pressure on the lock to let him take the fall without risk, he was instead taking that chance to reposition itself to resist or escape the lock… This is why I have done the technique at normal speed the last time, to show him that he would not have time to do the block. And if he don't want to take the fall properly, trying to resist the lock instead, well, it's his choice… It wasn't forcing the technique, just doing it normally, without letting the other any time to regain balance or try something...
Young-In Park wrote:
But then again, you'd have to deal with another complaint. Ukes always complain, saying, "That wasn't the right technique."
That's exactly the kind of answer that made me lose patience. When I tried to show him that he put himself in a situation where I can give him a very nasty atemi on the nose: "Yes, but that's not in the technique. If you do it right, you don't need the atemi."
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