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Re: "Hidden in Plain Sight" - Specific Internal Training

Robert David wrote: View Post
As I look back on some of my training, I do see where the drills and exercises we did simultaneously trained distancing and timing, as well as reorganized our bodies, forming them to better express technique, which could be seen as the very beginning stages of internal training, I suppose.
Actually that seems to be a common thread in Shodokan training. Shote awase is a perfect case in point - unless you are told it can just be a hip thrusting exercise but done right its all about alignment and focus. The problem is that some are not told enough and some don't listen when they are told. I suppose that is training experience. Personally I want people taking on a wall and thinking what they are doing rather than the paired exercise. Working with a mismatched partner can work against the experience but a wall is always the perfect match - and it doesn't talk back.

Tegatana dosa is another exercise whose movements need to be understood for proper execution and body development.

Shodokan dogma is that all the secrets are revealed in the first class - it just takes time to understand and appreciate them. Oh and the right teacher.

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