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Re: When someone try to block you

Carl Simard wrote:
Have you ever been in that kind of situation and was I right to apply the technique in the way I did, knowing that it will be painful ? I talked my sensei about that, but he didn't tell much. Only that other techniques or tricks could have been applied as well. I'm not sure if I should take that as an approval or notů

What do you think ?
If an uke tries to block or resist your technique, do another technique instead of forcing the technique demonstrated by the teacher. Stanley Milgram would be proud of the majority of aikidoka who blindly follow their teacher...

But then again, you'd have to deal with another complaint. Ukes always complain, saying, "That wasn't the right technique."

For reasons beyond my comprehension, some people have forgotten that aikido is a martial art.

YoungIn Park
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