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Jun Akiyama (akiy) wrote:
Anyone who have watched the tapes have any thoughts?
Yes, if you're about to buy the set, consider only buying "Demo tape 2" (technically tape #3).

It will save you money and time.

The first tape is a disjointed mishmash of fragments of the seminar, which is although interesting to look at once, does not seem to contain any "replay" value.

Second tape (Demo tape #1) starts with a "founder of Aikibojitsu", an out of shape old man who rotates with a stick over and over...and over... while making an odd squeaking noise.

That pretty much sets tone for the entire tape.

The only worthy moment on "Demo tape #1" is Molly Hale, and not because of her particularly outstanding technique but because of the fact that she is in a wheelchair and is practicing anyway.

That's got to take a tremendous strength.

She got a standing ovation, and I found that to be very touching, and the only redeeming point of this tape.

"Demo tape #2" on the other hand managed to partially restore my faith in humanity due to better quality of the demos overall.

The only really worthy point of it however is Matsuoka Sensei's randori... it's as good as Aikido randori goes.

Also some of the "Aiki jitsu" stuff was energetic and seemingly martial.

An interesting point was Ken Good (?) of "Surefire institute" who did very flowery movements as his ukes pretended to be 5 year old kids on thorazine who are sort of considering taking his weapons from him but haven't quite made up their minds yet.

I don't know... it's a demo... so demonstrate ! Why go so slow, and why have uke's attack like they're sedated mental patients ?

If you've a high level instructor, then show what you got ! Add some excitement !

Unfortunately most of the footage on the tapes IS in fact

"When sedates ukes attack !"

They all attack without spirit, expecting to be "defeated" by their mighty instructor.

Also, there's too much effort on wrist grabbing techniques. Okay let's face it, that is NOT a common attack.

Really, it's not.

If you're a high level instructor, you've moved beyond these clutches and can do something better. How about demonstrations against punching opponents ? Not "sedated" punching, either.

I mean, you're a 5th dan. You're going to go home and your wife is assaulted by a drunk neighbor. What are you gonna do ? Can you handle a non-rehearsed, non-stylized attack ? If you can handle it, why not show it on the Expo ?

That would impress me a hell of a lot more than having 2 uke's grab your wrists and then throwing them.

Imagine a pilot who's starting to learn his stuff by using a computerized flight simulator.
Eventually he moves on and starts flying real planes, doesn't he ?

Or is he going to sit in the simulator in the next 15 years, and drag his simulator with him to the flying exhibitions to show just how GOOD he's gotten at the simulator during the last 10 years ?

I am not saying that everyone should go ahead and subject themselves to unnecessary injury on daily basis.

But during a demo... give it all you got. It's a rare thing, so invest some effort.

Those are my uh, thoughts... on the matter.

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