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E.J. Nella
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I may not have explained myself skillfully enough in the particular case you referred to from my post. In the part that I think you are reffering to:

I wrote:

"ůSome are jerks that wish to dominate and show how good they are in comparison to you (I have not found very many of these, and if you asked me to point out an incident I would not be able to think of one), try to give them a break, and remember, you don't HAVE to train with them."

You wrote:

"I wouldn't like to think people avoid practicing with me because my uke is not good, sometimes I fall not when needed (=when a well experienced aikidoka wouldn't) for various reasons, attack clumsily etc. I'm here to learn ! If you are not happy with my uke talk to me, point this out to me, show me ! If you leave me ('give me a break') I won't learn."

My only point was in the specific situation where during class, you are working with someone that is not helping you learn or is making it difficult to concentrate on the technique shown. You either don't have to train with that person, or just deal with it. In my opinion, there is a time and place for everything. Unless the instructor is specifically asking the class to resist or whatever, we should try to help each other learn the technique being taught and how to receive it.

If allowed by the Sensei, and it is mutually agreed upon, do anything else after class.

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