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Carl Simard wrote:
Have you ever been in that kind of situation and was I right to apply the technique in the way I did, knowing that it will be painful ? I talked my sensei about that, but he didn't tell much. Only that other techniques or tricks could have been applied as well. I'm not sure if I should take that as an approval or notů

What do you think?
I work with a lot of beginners these days. For some reason they'd taken to doing shomen strikes by raising the arm to the outside of their body and bringing it back down on center line. So the finish is right on center line where it's supposed to be but it mucks with the angle of the strike creating something more like a yokomen strike because it's coming at a slight angle. It was very subtle and I was catching myself having to shift the dynamic of my response.

I was taught that shomen uchi ikkyo is done by catching the strike at the beginning on the way up. With the arm to the side I had no chance to do this. Telling them to strike differently didn't work either. So, I simply started entering just like I normally would and when the arm wasn't there I bopped them on the nose just hard enough to get their attention. It worked and besides that's a good classic response to a yokomen strike.

Sure there are other options and other ways to do the technique but I liked that one.

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