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Re: Letting go of thinking through techniques

Don't worry about it Sammy. I have the same problem.The longer I train the less of that there is. Sometimes I find that if I just slow way down and take a really deep slow breath it helps me quiet my mind a bit.

Another good thing to do is go outdoors someplace like to one of the parks and sit someplace really quiet and work on a still mind. Allow thoughts to come and go but don't focus on them. eventually you will find that they stop altogether but this takes some practice. Its something I often do on my morning trail rides. I sit on my horse and listen to the sounds around me, feel the wind and my horse underneath me and smell the air and just let my mind go totally quiet. Frick park is right near the Dojo and looks like it would be a great place to sit and meditate.

Once you know what that feels like in a qiiet setting you will know what to try to achieve in the dojo.
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