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Carl Simard
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Angry When someone try to block you

At the class, last evening, I have trained with a guy that was constantly trying to block me. He wasn't a total beginner, 5th kyu or so… Since I wasn't doing the technique at normal speed, with almost no force, trying to check different technical details, I explain to him that it was quite easy to block and that it wasn't, as he suggested, because my technique wasn't good. I tell him that at more normal speed and strength, he will not be able to block. It was like talking to a wall and he continued to block, telling that my technique wasn't good enough. At some point, I simply lose patience and done the technique at normal speed and efficient strength, even if I knew that it will be quite painful for him if he tried to block. He tried to block, and yes, it was painful. But then, he simply began complaining that I have done the technique with too much force and it was very painful!!! I answered him that if he wants to block someone, at some point he must be ready to assume the consequences… Don't know if he get the message since it was time to change partner…

Have you ever been in that kind of situation and was I right to apply the technique in the way I did, knowing that it will be painful ? I talked my sensei about that, but he didn't tell much. Only that other techniques or tricks could have been applied as well. I'm not sure if I should take that as an approval or not…

What do you think ?
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