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Re: Kokyu development for Aiki in Aikido

The only way I can get any appreciable change from going palm down to palm up is if I completely ignore the palm, and instead focus on fully extending w/ full internal rotation (engaging pectorals, lats, subscapularis rotator cuff muscle, etc.), in which case my thumb is now pointing down; to full extension with opposing full external rotation (engaging the teres minor and infraspinatus rotator cuff muscles, and some of the deltoid), in which case now the palm is up with my thumb pointing laterally. In other words, completely ignore the hand and lower arm, and focus on the upper arm, the humerus: rotate it inward fully, then rotate it outward fully.

Doing that, my shoulder joint does basically "suck" my arm back in several inches, but how does this apply to DEVELOPING kokyu? Being able to manipulate one's biomechanical anatomy intuitively is a REPERCUSSION of understanding kokyu, i think, but just forcing body parts to move in certain ways is putting the cart before the horse, in my opinion, and might actually retard progress. I know of one taichi practitioner who was always "tucking in the tail bone" and "rounding the upper back" but was using muscular tension in his abs and pecs to force his spine into compliance, and he ended up with lower back problems for a while.

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