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Re: "Hidden in Plain Sight" - ukemi as a training tool

in your scheme though who is who ?

I'm trying to see this through the prism of "Nage is Uke" that Ellis puts out. So, if the traditional teacher is taking ukemi, and aikido's reversal of roles was intentional then the teacher (Nage) is taking ukemi forcing uke to recover and counter and get inside his technique.

And even if its not relevant to ask what it looks like as a pointer of how to train it , i was trying to see how it could have been observed by an outsider who was not being taught the meaty substance.

If Aikido is a viable training tool for internal strength, and a martial art then it must have had some folks who have gotten somewhere with it knowing the things you need to know to make it happen.. or not.

Alfonso Adriasola
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