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Re: "Hidden in Plain Sight" - ukemi as a training tool

Alfonso Adriasola wrote: View Post
How would this look like Joep? How would you describe seeing someone take ukemi at the hands of their "uke" who is more skilled than them?
You probably should ask Dan Harden, but here's my two cents.
Uke is more skilled than tori: tori unbalances himself through his efforts to throw uke. If he realizes this, he starts over. If he doesn't, he throws himself. If uke is a bit of an ass, he throws tori with his attack, before tori has the chance to do anything.

Tori is more skilled than uke: if there is a large gap in skill level, tori will basically do as he pleases with uke. If the two skill levels are not that far apart, uke may be able to thwart a few of tori's attempts until tori prevails. (Of course, the same may happen with uke prevailing.)

To be honest, the main question is imho not "What would it look like?". The main question is: how to create a form of training in which tori AND uke are constantly working on their internal skills, be it actively (applying aiki on the training partner), be it passively (being throw, joint locked). Both modes of practice should train the 'power pathways' inside the body.
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