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Marc Abrams
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Re: Sekai Sokeshi, Hanshi

Ricky & Michael:

I privately apologized to Jun, who has been working overtime lately trying to keep things in check on his forums. Someone acts condescending towards me and I do not back away. However, this is Jun's "house" and he has his house rules that we all need to respect. I managed to keep it in check and ask him to answer some questions. I frankly do not expect Mr. Alba to answer them in a manner of full disclosure. Based upon Mr. Alba's claims, questions being asked to him and an apparent threat that Mr. Alba made to someone's life, we should stick to the facts (or lack thereof) in this matter.

For better or worse, Mr. Alba will have to live to the consequences of the statements that he makes. We can be brutally honest with him in asking him to verify his claims. That should hopefully be enough.

Marc Abrams