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Re: Sekai Sokeshi, Hanshi



Just thought I would share some funny exchange I had recently with someone calling themselves Luis Alba Sokeshi. For some background, he posted a reply on AikiWeb that was pretty strange and had a link to his website:

The aikiweb threads:

And I LOVE these photos that were pointed out by Paul on the aikiweb thread:

From my point of view, this can not actually be real. But merely an elaborate prank just to get a rise out of the aikido community. In fact, I've often joked with friends that I wanted to make something like that myself. Kind of like this parody site:

So, I sent him a message through the comment system on the site. I wish I had kept the text, but it was something like:

Thanks for the hilarious site. You have just enough detail to make many people think your serious. But just enough bullshit to give the rest of us a good laugh.

I've often thought about making a site like this my self. You should link to a comments page where you can post the messages you get from people who think this is real.


Then I got this reply from him at 3:30am this morning:
Learn how to watch your toung cause I really have no problem at all cutting it out for you unlike you wanting to be a true part of this Path i am recognized as such and the highest of our Master including Kondo, and Saito, and Yamada, have recognized it as such too.

If you knew anything at all you would def. appreciate the gift I have put online for the World to see, for it's I've known since Birth.

What did you do as kid, pick ur nose, wet ur pents, go to church and cry?.....
Unlike you my church is and has always been me sword I'll def. show you whats it about if you wanna stand up to it.

So since your a bad uke make sure to come across my path I'll def. show you the streanght on the Arts.

Infact what is your number and dojo, I'll personally come visit you, and show you what a master is really all about, oh bring all your friends along for the ride too the more the merrier, the less petty I'll on that pethetic waist of selfyou call life.

This is either an elaborate joke from someone with way to much time on their hands, or it is from someone who is clinically unbalanced or at the very least borderline mentally challenged (sub 85 IQ).

The only thing that make me think this is NOT a parody, is this item I found from 2007 when doing a google search on his name. Scroll to the comment at the bottom.

On the other hand, this wikipidia entry shows that Luis Alba is a famous Mexican comedian:

I'm not sure how much I want to encourage dialog with him, but I am going to send out some mass emails to the places where he says that he had trained.

I'll also post this email to AikiWeb.