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Too Close

Kevin73 wrote:
I was wondering, how do you deal with a boxer's jab? I can see the applications of a committed punch whether it's a haymaker, hook, cross, or a straight. But, the jab doesn't seem committed enough that the striker would be off balance to lead him.
If someone is close enough to jab you, then distance (ma-ai) has already been broken. If you find yourself in that situation, then just step back.

When the boxer comes to attack, that's when you should move. Take your timing from their intention, don't focus on anything - especially their hands. There are some people who can strike faster than you can see.

The first thing you need to do, before ever attempting any technique, is get out of the way . Once you're out of his line of attack, you can try something - running away is always an option.

One thing you can do to disuade a boxer from attacking is to change your hamni (stance). Since you've been practicing your aikido on "both sides" , you can face them like a southpaw faces a right-handed boxer. Fighters generally dislike that, since it throws their perception off.

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