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Re: Sekai Sokeshi, Hanshi

I'll try to anwer all your question in the order recieved.

Sekai Sokeshi, is the japanese meaning for Grand Master Of Lineage, or Master of Tradition. Hanshi, means Teacher of teachers, or the Master of Teacher. Names passed on to me by the many elders I've encountered on the Path. Hence forth making me responsible for the wisdon thats been passed on.
To he honest titles are nothing more then simply formality. It's how you carry yourself, and the dedication you give to the wisdom thats being passed on to you that makes you, whom you are. Its important as an Artist to give your all into that which feeds your Spirit.
At times we ourselfs are too blinded to accept whom we really are. I master all I learn, not just know it and the titles giving to me I accepted with honor yet knowing inside there's still much to learn.
It is important to understand that the Japanese way of speach is not like our own, more easly related to how a New Yorker would speak, where a few words should mean many things.
Budo Providence is litterly Avalon Park on the Alafaya side. We're deep in the woods in a city within the city. My students decided to call it such becouse we use the intire community as our school, and the school itself is made of it's members. We all live here so i call them Uchi Deshi, the only people that come to this place, live in this place, it wasnt untill a couple of my students requesting private teachings before their visit to Japan, that i began to teach here, plus an elder of the community of vietnamies decent, very familier of the Arts requested teachings as well, believe it or not he's eighty two, and very strong. Funny how live is there is a park we use at night to do weapons at full strenght and speed located on Aiken Lane, believe me i had nothing to do with nameing of that street.
My original teachings, that of my Great Grand Father, Grnd Father, and Father, hence fourth my Japanese Masters, and that of O'Sensei, is called Bujutsu. It was O'Sensei, whom later added the Kanji of Aiki to the beginning, reflecting on it as a way of Peace, and Harmony, saying that a true warrior is not one whoms heart is made of steal, but to recognize that Love is the true essence of all. Which means more then just words to those of that perticular path.
I affiliate my self with no dojo and represet the Essence of the Art itself, such teachings were not really know at the time as oppenly as today, and for many years i only affiliated my self with those of the path that trully came from Tradition. Believe it or not New York in the 80's was full of real Budoka families whom came in search of a better life from Japan, being a young kid on the streets these families took me in. Teaching me their language and culture after seeing the skills that had been passed on to me by my family, they completed the Legacy I carry today. A family tradition passed down through out the time.
It wanst until 1998 that I began to visit many dojos frequently whom were serching for the proper way of trainning Aikido, by that time the Art had really taken off on a World Wide scale, and it was a man of Yoshinkan whom asked me to teach his Students the Art. Since he didnt have the courage to so, not wanting to upset the elders of our path. You see Yoshinkan too is either modern Aikido, or the traditional Budo, and his teacher was of Tradition, yet he felt that even though he was a Sandan of Japan it would not be wise to pass on what he too held deep within, together we came to the agreement that if we were to open up to the public it will be earnd by taking the steps requiered in order one by one, with no moving foward to the next level with out true understanding..
These schools i strongly recomend if you are ever there. Schools still open today that can personaly speak of me, and teach you what i've passed on, wether of my way of being or Teachnique;
AikiJujutsu of Melbourne, Fl.
Melbourne Aikikai. Fl.
Browerd Aikikai, Fl.
Chung Teakwon Do, Dojo Melbourne Fl.
University of Caldas Aikido Aikika, Medellin Colombia.
New York Aikikai, NY. Only Yamada though, it was many years ago in Bogota Colombia.
Muay Thai Kickboxing, Coldeportes Yoshinkan Budo. Manizales, Colombia.
Yoshinkan Aikido, Medellin Colombia. Just the Master of their School from Italy.
Ninjutsu, Medellin Colombia.
Aikido Masters, PA. Look for David Nemeroff, Shihan.
*Last but def. not least where i've spend my time since i've been in Orlando, Tenshinkai Aikido. Where i've built a great father to son realtionship with the master of the school, Jose Andrade Sensei. Not the California master of Tenshinkai so theres no misunderstanding.
As for the schools I strongly recomend, whom i've encounterd as greating more then a metting on the matt, are located on my website under Links.
The Picture where three of us have swords, to the left is my Student for years and Close personal friend whom i consider a brother, Carlos Paguada. He had just returned from Iraq, and drove here from NC, as soon as he arrieved. An Army man who threw out the years has constanlly been by my side, to the left is his Brother in law. We had just begun teachings to the public in Budo Providence, for the first year or so I was verry picky of whom i taught and how i taught them, unilke the shcools of today. In my pressence you will not move on from Seiza unless correct posture is achieved. Many children stand and run, others take their first steps, but they all must learn how to sit. Same in the arts there is no reason to show anything new if whats taught has not been deeply understood.
On the second is my first Uchi Deshi in Orlando Nate Dixon, since 2002. He had just moved back to Orlando with his girl friend, and was more worried about fixing his posture then actually getting striked, worried he might get yelled at for not practicing. But he did and it was as if he never left. If you notice though im laughing cause to throw him off i handed him a sword with no ring guard something yet that he wasnt accustomed too. Since they are verry sharp and worth of great respect it took him a while to lower, and raise his grip.
As for the Katana, yes young master, I do, and have been sleeping next to one since the age of five, Daisho is my specialty.
I thank you for the wise questions you had, continue on with your jorney something tells me your on the right Path, which eventually will lead you to complete Satori.

Marc, Marc, Marc.
Go back to the website, in a light grey above all the chapters of my life you'll see the name, location, and Arts of my Masters, and teachers along the way.
Where my Budo, began was before the essence of my birth. My Great Grand Father, and Grandfather, both visited and Trained with O'Sensei in Japan, they were high ranked Military men in Colombia. It was them along with my father whom began my Teachings of the Arts. By the age of three i was well aware of my Path, no different then a 3 year old whom can dribble a basket ball.
In my birth place back home New York, basically being raised on the steets, Shiba and Suzuki Sensei took me in everyday after shool teaching me from the Original book that O'Sensei wrote for his students, that's when i was first intoduced to the Japanese Language, with the proper name of AikiBudo, not just Aikibujutsu or Bujutsu, but the completion of O'Sensei's teachings. Tanaka though a Budo man keep such teachings to himself, and Shiba my Original Master send me to him to learn Shodokan and practice more my direction of Ki, it was my first Public dojo but only for a period of six months, and by private Teaching, to fortofie my stance though strong as it was for that age, Shodokan did infact teach me more on how to ground myself, before i left the School Tanaka mention of Shiba's weaking of health telling me to continue on my path no matter what, that one day i'll bring to live the old ways. As a child now almost twelve i understood these words well.
Wise beyond my age i knew that the Modern ways which were more popular would begin to fade their true ways.
As for the the Nature of my trainning itself, I advise you to study each Kanji, as whole and individual, even as when joined, here i'll make it easy;
AikiBujutsu, AikiBudo, Aikido, Aiki, Bujutsu, Budo, Ai, Ki, Bu, Jutsu, Do, A, I, Ki, Bu.
if and when you finish studing these Charectors in depth, you'll understand the essence of my path, and the names they cary, and the reason behind its Order. Then I want you to go to my website and read every Chapter up until Aiki No O Kami, then and only in this order will your understand that O'Sensei, not me named the Art in such a way. I represnt the True Nature of My Warrior Lineage to the fullest extent of my life, and do not consider my self as an individual of a cetain public shool which i never was, but of a Family lineage of which i have been trusted over for its care and hence forth im only an individual of the Path that O'Sensei, cleared up for those whom seeked the Truth of their Nature, hence fourth I have no right to give indiviual names nor change anything that O'Sensei, dedicated so much for, and if I may be blunt with my words I see O'Sensei as my Great Great Grand father, not that picture people look at on a wall, to me it means so much more, and the man whom i trully thank everyday for the Wisdom he's passed on.
For three years i stayed in Colombia polishing my techniche in the Mountains, Forests, and Jungles of Caldas, and Antioqioa only visiting the city to participate in seminars or teach, at that time as well I competed and was undefeated in combat. It was Yamada, whom told me you can either continue competing and become famouse, or you can continue to Master Budo. I choose Budo, fame and cameras i shy from, doing this blog stuff took many years of thought for me to do I've known of Aikiweb for about 10years now or so.
Oh yes it's been a bussy year so i've had no chace to complet the biography. Everything before the Aiki Expo were replies to the questions, comments, and experiences of that time by my students or fellow members of the Arts.
Kenji Ushiro is a great man and if you see on the Chapters of the Aiki Expo are in " " i chosse my words verry carefully. My experience with him reminded me of my privete teachings of Shodokan under Tanaka Sensei, in Queens New York, That school though has long been gone. It was located across the street of St. Johns Catholic Church, on 32nd St, Flushing.
It wasnt untill I moved from Booklyn to Queens that my Shodokan trainning began every day after school, and training with either Shiba, Or Suzuki an hour before. Susuki lived in my building on 35th n Parsons, Shiba's building is right b4 the Church, going back to Kenji, I was the only Hakama amongts an ocean of White gi's formally I had heard of his Ki from the students that accomponied me, and they strongly recomended his encounter, I was verry impressed with the Traditional way that he taught, something all Karate schools have lost.
I was only allowed to train with his highest rank students and I tell you they were all very good, and the Old Masters that occompanied him were of top quality, even made me release my self from a technique that they had never seen no one move from, the pain was so sharp and the flow of Ki so persice that i just natuarly reacted and you should've seen our faces I amazed that i actually felt pain after so many years, taking me back to when i was a kid, and they were just amazed that i was able to move.
It was a great experience the whole Expo was, but if you looking for Karate Ushiro is the one to seek, not only for Karate itself but that which makes Aikido what it is, Ki itself.

Im not the best when it comes to computers I'm having though some of my students make me copies of the Videos they have of me in Tenshinkai, and at the Expo. I'll def. let you know when we put them up.
For now though if you have the Aiki Expo part one, you'll see me with Andrade Sensei, of Tenshinkai. I did a simple Bokken demo with him, you'll see me flying with the sword.
For a long long time i would not allow pictures or videos of my teachings, it wasnt untill Andrade litterly open his doors to me so I could express my teachings and use his students as my very own, for wich im greatfull, it's thanks to all of them that I felt more and more confertalble expressing my views to the public.
Often Telling me "Sensei we fear that in 300 years your teachings will be lost, if you dont open up to the World it will all be Lost".
To be honest these words impacted me profoundly becouse it is a dream of mine to pass on the Arts to my children, yet never thinking that there are people out there much like yourself whom seek the truthness of our Art, and the old ways which have been lost. Its thanks to people like yourself whom make me more confertable and proud to express my views and teachings of the Art knowing that its in good hands.
You see Jason when some one passes on a Spiritual gift to another, it must be valued and cared for like the rarest and ancient of Swords.

John Riggs.
The ranks are explained in each chapter of the Bio, whom, where, why, and how they were awarded. The Lineage is that of whom i consider my Great Great Grand Father, or how my Great Grand Father, and Grandfather, refered to as The Old Man their father, O'Sensei, himself, you can put me to the test at any time.
For those of traditional ways a paper means Nothing at all, if its not signed with real blood and sweat. It's the Nature of the Spirit within which speaks for itself, never forget that!
As for a self pat on the back i know nothing off infact my friend your not dealing with your public Dojo personal, so personal ego is something you should leave at the door before you even start on this path, understood?
I'm my worst critict, and own not a video of my self though there are a couple that circulate not only in the Martial Arts World, but the Arts itself, Movies, Music Videos, and the Cultures or whats called religions of today.
Close guess on the age currently I'm Twenty Eight, and been on my path since before my birth, at Three concious of Unifying Spirit, Mind, and Body.
While at that age I can only imagine how u only knew to pick your nose and get your dipper wet. In our time kids were kids rarely did you find one with gifts at such an early age.
Today though if you have children listen close, for they are wise, the aftermath of what we've created through out our time.
O'Sensei, warned us about this, we must make a world of peace and love before all is lost. Listen to them and Teach them well, influence threir own personal gifts so they too can begin to shine at an early age.
I see your Located in Texas luckly enough i just had family move their bout a year ago though their children stayed here with me to continue on with their trainning. I'll def. make it my thing to visit and train at your school, Rokudan. Like i always say actions speak louder then words, and its always good to have a Tatami to visit every where you go.

Luis F. Alba
Sekai Sokeshi, Hanshi.
AikiBujutsu AikiBudo, Budo Providence.