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Re: Kokyu development for Aiki in Aikido

Ron Tisdale wrote: View Post
I think for our purposes and simplicities sake, number 3 from a hold is the best....but the simplest is the best for our purposes I think. One of them is tenchinanage (6 or 7 I think) we're back to the beginning if we chose that one!
I have NO idea what any of these numbers mean Ron... If it makes it any easier, for everyone, forget about techniques altogether. It's not about the technique anyway.

A LOT of power...too much in fact, I pull[ed] my psoas muscle where it connects in the hip area! That hurt...couldn't walk right for 3 or four days after ward. Too much power too soon...should be doing more conditioning work.... I felt like the shoulder power was minimal, but I used way too much general tension (arms, too much tension in the legs).
Just a general comment... as Phi mentioned... relaxing, or rather releasing tension is a key prerequisite. In ICMA, fang song means "to loosen", which in effect means, devoid of tension - like say, a rubber band, or a spring, at rest.

The other general comment is that your lower body, and legs especially, should be doing all of the work - your hands only convey the ground from your lower body, spine and "middle". IOW, uke should feel like they're pushing against the ground, through the contact at your wrists (or whichever part of your body they happen to be in contact with). And Newton's 3rd law being as such... you get the picture.... purity over power-ability.. and I don't mean that in the spiritual sense.

Mind you, nothing I've said here hasn't already been said before... in other threads, by others.

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