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Michael Neal
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Re: Making a short film, hopefully featuring Aikido (DC, No. VA area)

Essentially that is the general idea Larry. I think the whole thing could lose focus if it becomes just an effort to show the true meaning of aikido and budo. Although this could be portrayed by the general struggle of good vs. evil and some element of mystitcism.

Luis, I am all for portraying Aikido/Kendo etc. in a positive light and being respectful to its principles just so long as that doesn't not become the subject of the movie. I do envision characters who are spirirtual, warrior monks and mystics but nothing specific to any religion or spirirtual belief. I would appreciate your help if this is OK and still interests you.

Mike, that would be awesome, I need all the help I can get and people with editing skills would add a lot of production value. I can edit and such but have not done it professionally.

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