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Paul Schweer
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Re: The Aikido vs. my aikido

Luis Alba wrote: View Post
... You will not learn nothing from studing books or the way a person lived, you must put ur believes into Action and be about it, not just mention it. Dont talk the talk but actually Walk it.

The reason that you havent found the answers you seek is merly cause you've been looking in the wrong place....

Luis F. Alba
Sekai Sokeshi, Hanshi.
Hello Luis,

I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "Sekai Sokeshi, Hanshi." Would you please you explain?

Your AikiWeb profile says you are located in Orlando, but the dojo listed in your profile is "AikiBujutsu AikiBudo, Budo Providence." Is this your home dojo? Are you affiliated with an Orlando dojo?

I've included below links to two pictures from your web site that caught my attention. Do you also study sword?


Paul Schweer

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