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Re: Making a short film, hopefully featuring Aikido (DC, No. VA area)

It's good to see that your intrested in creating a film of what I, and those of my path consider to be our Culture, way of life, and not a hobby or weekday affair.

I wanted to bring the Idea of creating a film of Budo and introducing it to the mayor film industries as a means to shine the real light of the Art amongst the people of Today,.

Budo and Aikido, is not about a pony tail affair like i saw someone write infact if you really look at Segals stance or technique from an experienced Master's eye you'll notice the many flawss in his harsh attempt of a demonstration, yet when u put him on the mat i heard he is a whole different person and actually executes technique in an amazing gracefull way.
Non the less if your looking at this art wanting to be wat your not, you'll only get hurt and miss the meaning of its true essence wich is brought to light through O'Sensei's teachings of a Universal Path.

Budo is more then just technique there is a Spiritual level that is needed to become great in this Art. Which is something that people of today know nothing off.

I would Sincerly love to help you out with everything involving this film, it would be a great project to carry out not only for the viewer but also the Spirit of all those whom participate.

If there is any one in this World today whom still carries O'Sensei's essence alive unlike any other, it would be me, and have been recognized as such by our most influencial Masters and leader of our Art today.

Budo was taught to me not buy paying a local dojo and recieving a Dan in 3 years, oh no no no and those whom do so hold no place in the eyes of those tradition.

It takes a life time to master such Art and it takes an avarege on no less then 10years to be considered of Yudansha level. Most high ranking students of today know not how to sit, nor stance, or are familier with the Original Japanese names to what they think they know.

Budo is a gift that becomes and is a part of you since birth, no different then and artist of paint, music, or opera, so does the sword keep it's rightfull place amongst those of warrior traditions. Budo is an Art passed down to me from father to son under the privacy of my masters, and their families home.

My references are many and not only found in the public dojos but amongst those of the true path and family traditions of Budo.
You can read my Biography for more info.
Though i only visit public dojos to teach and sharpen their skills, I keep much of the Arts true nature to myslef hidden and reserved for only those whom are dedicated and trust worthy.
It has been a long goal of mine to introduce the correct and proper way of our Art AikiBudo, and the meaning of Aikido.

Lets not forget Aikido was created for the public, in a time when humanity was in the path towards its end, and was left upon Kisshomaru and those of the Aikiaki to continue on.

AikiBudo is the True Essence of O'Sensei's Art, and is a path held tightly to its traditional ways, where in todays Aikido much has been lost, and hence fourth you cannot come about saying you are of the true path if not blessed by a dirrect decendet of O'Sensei.

Lets get together combine our thoughts and wisdom, so we can help the world of today capture the Arts true Essence, and that of Aikido which is to bring fourth World Peace.

You can send me an Email so we can have a true heart to heart, and see if we can help realize what you've invisioned.

Luis F. Alba
Sekai Sokeshi, Hanshi.
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