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Michael Neal
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Re: Making a short film, hopefully featuring Aikido (DC, No. VA area)

I completely understand weariness about someone wanting to borrow your equipment and go make a movie with it.

I want to assure you my intention is a lot different. I want to collaborate with people who not just participate but also contribute creatively to the work. People will most likely have multiple roles, actor/writer being one example. I don't want to try and pretend I am an expert in Kendo, I will leave that to the Kendo people to lead and choreograph so that their art is represented faithfully.

I just have a camera and an idea and am looking for people to work with to do something cool on film.

Shodothugs and aikibunnies are welcome, there is definitely a mystical element to the idea that would appeal to the more spiritual people as well as fighting and gore that will appeal to the jujutsu minded.

Just to give you a very rough idea of the concept I have, think Lord of the Rings meets Mad Max. Not a perfect description but good enough for now

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