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Keith Larman
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Re: Nervous Newbie - About to Test

Just as a story on preparing...

It seems like not that long ago but I guess it was now... Where does the time go? Anyway, I was ranked at gokyu. So I was told I would be testing for Yonkyu. So being one of those over prepared people I carefully studied the required arts for both yonkyu and sankyu (which my sensei probably saw me do as time permitted). So my test rolls around and I suddenly realize they're asking me both sankyu and *nikyu* arts.


The nice thing is that they skipped me over yonkyu directly to sankyu.

After that I sat down with various lists and created a list for myself with all the kyu and dan level required arts so I could sort them by attack, technique, level, etc. Then I made sure I knew all of them regardless. Made all the remaining tests I had to take (we test up through sandan so I've been done for a while) a lot less stressful on my obsessive personality.

And all that said... Prepare. Be rested. And when it is time to test, relax and do what you've been training to do. It is time to simply perform. Not much else you can do, neh?

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