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Re: Nervous Newbie - About to Test

Linda Eskin wrote: View Post
Hi Tim. How are you doing on your cardio? I'm doing my first test on Sept. 19 (we test for 6 kyu first), and that's something I need work on, big time. I do a lot of walking, and am pretty good at low-level endurance stuff (working hard for hours in the yard, etc.). But I figure for the jiyuwaza part of the test I need higher-intensity, shorter-duration cardio (working really hard for a few minutes), plus remembering to breathe. So my thinking is that I should be training exactly that. Like sprints on the elliptical or something. Anyway, if you've found anything helpful, I'm all ears. :-)

Is your test on the 19th, too? Is this your first? In any case, I'm sure you'll do great.
This is my first test, our dojo is USAF and 6th kyu will be implemented on tests from now on I test on sept.19 and if theres one thing I have learned the xtra classes make a differrence in your learning of the techniques .As far as cardio it,s a little better I have picked up walking but I just want my test to be clean .BTW linda that short sprint idea shounds good I will start doing that.
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