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Re: "Hidden in Plain Sight" Book Discussion

Hello Ellis,

A few more thoughts.

Ellis Amdur wrote: View Post
Peter - not to defend a mere speculation - but did Tada sensei mention the purpose of that training? I do think it was significant that all the major shihan were gathered in one place, along with such honorees as Mifune Kyuzo.
PAG. Since Messrs Kuroiwa and Sunadomari have clear recollections of such a training session, it clearly took place. Tada Sensei would have been a young instructor at this point, having begun teaching at the Hombu in 1954. So I think it is virtually certain that he would have been there. Kisshomaru Ueshiba was Dojo-cho and if the training meeting was held in the Hombu Dojo, he would have summoned it (according to correct protocol). But he would not have done this with O Sensei's knowledge and consent (however interpreted).

Ellis Amdur wrote: View Post
Was it actually a political meeting - Osensei being merely the "draw," (why else would all the prima donnas come up to Tokyo, if not for "sankin kotai"),enabling the post-war powers to figure out together what to do next and how to divide up the empire to be?
PAG. Nowadays the prima donnas assemble for 'events', such as the All-Japan Demonstration, or for 'celebrations' marking events such as IAF Congresses. I am pretty sure they will gather for the unveiling of O Sensei's statue in Iwama (2009 being the 40th anniversary of his death) and as the final stamp on the evolution of the Ibaragi Shibu Dojo (and the subsequent passing of the other dojo from official aikido history). However, I do not think that Kisshomaru would have summoned a political meeting to divide up the empire. This would have been far too early and would have been playing with fire. I think that then, as now, everything would have been smoke and mirrors, fully in omote/ tatemae mode.

So I myself believe that there was indeed a training course, but with quite a lot more going on besides. However, there is still time for more extended conversations with Tada Sensei.

Best wishes,


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