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Keith Larman
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Re: "Hidden in Plain Sight" Book Discussion

I just finished the book -- enjoyed it immensely. Like I think it was Walker who commented elsewhere -- I really found the humanization (explication?) of Takeda's "nature" to be intensely interesting.

I can't do a review because quite frankly I don't know enough history myself to quibble/argue/discuss most of this stuff. So I have to take it at face value for the most part. What I would say is that I would love to sit down at the back table of a quiet smoke filled bar with Mr. Amdur and with Dr. Goldsbury and just listen to them discuss things back and forth. Between Dr. Goldsbury's incredible level of experience and his rigor as an academic combined with Mr. Amdur's fantastic experience and insights, well, that would be a heck of a conversation just to listen in on.

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