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Re: Guests in the House

I agree with the separate area that Ellis proposes. Personally I break my own practice down into separate areas. I study Jiu Jitsu Skills as Jiu Jitsu Skills. When I do IT, I don't do the same type of things since this is a particular type of training with a different emphasis. Same with Spiritual stuff. Diet and Nutrition as well. All important areas in budo, but they do need to be looked at indepth in isolation in order to understand them I believe.

There is a synthesis at some point that needs to occur, putting all the pieces back together, but that is another subject I think.

So, I think it is better to have an IT section where we concentrate on just those things related to that area of tralning.

I do see how many view IT and Aiki as being the same. Personally I feel it is that way too, but the reality of it is that many view AIkiDO as a holistic system of synthesis fusing Jiu Jitsu and IT, Spiritual etc I think it better to break this out for this reason.

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