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Re: Guests in the House

I don't see a sub-section of Internal Strength and Aiki as "ghettoizing" the subject. We have a separate section called "Spiritual," for example, where one can highlight anything from Ueshiba's spiritiual intentions to such subjects as Omotokyo, Mitake-kyo, Shin Shin toitsu, etc. To be sure, such a discussion could also occur in the General section - a point I also made in the article. But having separate sections allows one to focus on that aspect of training.

I agree with Mike and Mark that, truly, Ueshiba's aikido, at least, was always imbued with internal strength - and my opinion is that everyone else's should have been. That said, there are both other aspects of aikido and "other aikido's" that have developed. Just as aikido is not DR, many aikidos are not Ueshiba's, and many DR are not Takeda's. (There's a whole other story of concealment and HIPS there).

My idea was simply that a history and IT section would enhance discussion, just as a spiritual and a technique section already do. I think that the other subject that people have raised here - posters that people find obnoxious, irritating, won't shut up, etc., is best served by the ignore button and a moderator casting out, if a person is egregiously offensive. That was NOT the focus of my original article, which is how to make discussions on Aikiweb most productive, not how to deal with Mr. A or Ms B., who are easily ignored.

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