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Re: How To Teach Power & Harmony?

Hello Erick,

Post #21 was very interesting. I have three comments.

1. I think that I A Richards was probably an influence on a movement called New Criticism, which in turn was perhaps an influence on deconstructionism, but I do not think that his criticism can be identified with the latter.

2. You have supplied your own summary of the relations holding between Hugh of St Victor, MacIntyre, Rawls (who was one of my teachers at Harvard). There was another one, which you termed, "established categories of more purely philosophical thought", which you appear to have missed. As with Miura Baien and St Bonaventure, your view of the relations might be satisfactory for you, but it is not for me, and I think this has nothing to do with any 'linear-lateral' distinction.

3. The linear - lateral distinction is too sharply drawn, and I do not think it is robust enough to bear the weight you have put on it. In your thinking it appears to be yet another category, delineated in black and white and admitting of no shades of grey.

Best wishes,

P A Goldsbury
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