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Re: Kokyu development for Aiki in Aikido

Nice story! Haven't heard that one before... (not really)

Moral: If you can't pass the handshake test, don't bother testing your techniques... ?

But we digress... what I meant to say (and I left it out before about uni-directional training) - and as you have said so yourself many times before, is that there's a logical progression to the skills development. So, maybe sticking to simple single directional exerises or "sections" of techniques in which power is expressed in one direction only, as a first start, may be better than something a little more complex as tenchinage.

Coz I think "techniques" are as far away as you can get from truly developing kokyu than other more direct methods. Sure, you might develop *some* kokyu as a result, but I feel that the focus on technique obscures that particular aspect of training and development.

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