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Re: Guests in the House

My 25 satrang is that Ellis has really worked things out well. It shows how much of a concentrated effort there is on his part. I see it as a mix of good advice and a S.O.P. (standard operating procedure) that in itself if implemented in part or whole would be very beneficial goal.

The issue is that each individual would have to voluntarily refrain from and contain their own behavior illustrated by Ellis to work 100%. This, for some would require a great effort to use tolerance, refrain, understanding and seeing the big picture in refrain from such behavior illustrated by Ellis. This is the most difficult variable to control, but the most important in achieving the overall goal. Any thing that is said on this board is a reflection upon all of us.

To achieve the goal isn't going to be easy. It will take a lot of effort from all of us. Especially in the natural discourse of disagreement. But the goal is achievable, IMO. The bottom line is if Aikiweb is a more harmonious place, people like me will be more willing to be supportive and contributing members. We will not see it as risk.

And honestly, my initial behavior when I first started this board was a result of the board. I thought that was the house rules to be the way I was. I now realize that was a misconception on my part. As a result I am working very diligently on a more positive approach. I ask people to understand that I am not a writer and my writing is rough, awkward, and that kind of stuff and can lead to unwanted misuderstandings. Basically, I am saying I am practicing what I am preaching. Thus, my way of showing a serious effort on my part to contribute a positive effort here.

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