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Mike Sigman
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Re: Guests in the House

Incidentally... as a passing thought. Many people caught my inviting Nathan Scott onto Aikido Journal one time to debate a point. Please bear in mind that I only did that trivially, to point out that when he is not the moderator and thus able to wield power, he should be able to factually rather than trivially argue what he knows. At best, he seems to fall back onto the old trope that he is guarding the secrets of a koryu while not seeming to know the basics of the discussion at hand... how to do internal strength.

I had no axe to grind when I did that; I simply wanted to make an archived point. The vararies of established internet forums are often easily available to people who want to search the archives. In a number of case, including the JudoForum and E-Budo, my impression (and the impression of others) is that uncomfortable archives are deleted.


Mike Sigman
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