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Re: My Experiences in Cross Training MMA with Aikido

After another review of the clip, Machida than looks more like he is intending and distinctly doing Aikido. That waza more distinct. But, I am not sure because I don't know his background, can't say for sure. Just speculation.

Shinya Aoki's doing the elbow lock that he could of just fell into and didn't come form any art. There is that possibility. But he does use his hips to make it work. I don't know is background either.

I am sure there are those who know these fighters better than I. I haven't looked into their training background.

My feeling is that any in a fight will work if it takes the opponent by surprise and is something unfamiliar to the opponent to be pulled off and not countered. That can come from any art or a created technique. Point is, in terms of debate, it has to work what ever it is, which is more important than where is comes from. I say this in the simplist term and genuine terms.

It's niceto see Aikido waza (possibly) working in MMA.
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