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Re: My Experiences in Cross Training MMA with Aikido

Philip Burgess wrote: View Post
MY FWIW comment: I don't know, I thought about this and reviewed the video. To prove Mike correct or incorrect you would have to have the fighter's history and speak to the fighter about the wazas to see if they are from Aikido.
The vid description clearly says:
I know these techniques could apply to a variety of martial arts but I just went with aikido. I don't practice aikido by the way.
That techniques "look similar" doesn't necesarily mean that they specifically stem from this style or that art. FWIW, Aikido "techniques" aren't that unique... many of the same "techniques" can be found in various other MAs - there's only some many ways to lock, pin, throw and hit another human. As the late Jan de Jong once quipped when asked about this "new" BJJ thing... "It's just jujitsu. There's nothing new under the sun..."

The only real difference I would suggest is in the level of sophistication with which Aikido "techniques" are intended to be applied... whatever that means

Bagua techniques and Aikido relationship, how could we validate Mike's claim to be true or false. I don' t think I read any where in Aikido such a thing. Not saying it is or isn't possible.
That's not what Mike's saying at all either...

I just need the goods to tell me. I am open to being educated. I don' t know everything. I really interested in seeing the connection. I am not making judgements either way. I just need to see the information.
Well, you obviously need to get out more. And I would encourage you to do so... and go outside your comfort zone and train in other MAs... with other martial artists.

Till then, you'll just have to take someone else's word prima facie... otherwise, the rest of your post reads vaguely like a personal snipe.

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