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Pete Rihaczek
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Traditional Chen Taiji Training in Los Angeles

Those of you in the Los Angeles area who are interested in learning internal mechanics from the ground up have an opportunity to do so with regular instruction. If you have followed any of the internal training discussions, you may have seen these clips of Chen Bing:

Bosco Baek is a disciple of Chen Bing, and has recently moved to Los Angeles and started teaching in Hollywood. Classes are from 3 - 5 every Saturday at Hollywood Dance Studio, 817 N. Highland Ave, Hollywood. Cost is $30 per class. Wear a T-shirt and comfortable athletic shoes, and bring a towel because if you're serious about putting in old school work for real results, you will sweat. This is an opportunity to build a martial body from square one, Chen style. For more information, you can email Bosco at or visit
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