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Re: Big Mind, Small Technique

The I/We question might be a great first step towards a path of introspection. I have noted through many a long night pondering the qua of life, this question is much like holding sand in your hand. The more you think about seeing life through a "we" perspective, the more you are forced to think of your actions and presence in the "we" perspective, and the "we" perspective, like the sand slips through your fingers, away from you. Because by thinking about your self and how you fit, one is thinking a great deal about them selves.
I see a chance to avoid this, by releasing the sand, releasing the concerns about if you are in the right perspective, and turning the focus on finding a right balance for your perspective.
Focus on others while altruistic and noble is ultimately a failure of mind because one is relaying on the growth of others, not on one self. A focus on the self can lead to great insight, but that insight is often lonely because the others in the world are left out. A balance between the I and the We leaves ones mind open to gaining new insight, and better still, giving that gift to others.
This goal of balance extends far further then the dojo, consider it when the person in front of you at the express line has too many items, and keep it in mind when you day dream and let a traffic light go green with out moving. By balancing the I and the We you might find your self forgiving unintentional slights against you, and laughing at your own unintentional slights against others.
A personal drive towards balance might just give you the big mind that is needed for the best practice of aikido. The small technique starts with the big mind, and then takes a lot of time on the mat.
Pondering Mr.Seiser ideas leads to great pathways. I thank him for allowing exploration.
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