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Re: My take on a Mike Sigman seminar...

Hi Keith, it was my pleasure to meet you at the seminar.

I'd like to sketch in a few extra details for general consumption.

About half the people at the seminar were Aikido folks, some were in CMA, a few in Danzan Ryu , at least one Koryu student. Overlap in some categories. The seminar had an Aikido slant and was held in an Aikido dojo.

What Mike did was make a very structured step by step presentation of how to get a foot in the door undestanding of how the ki/kokyu strength works, how it is different from "not ki/kokyu"

The presentation built gradually from the previously introduced concepts and kept adding on and on. Mike's progression is such that a lot of complications are neutralized by the way the exercises were done in order to get to the meat of the concept. So, most folks I saw were able to really get to "do" some of the more mysterious things that I'd felt from some visiting Aikido shihans. In particular one high point for me was being pinned in a one hand ikkyo pin by an attendee who grokked that particular point at the seminar.

By the second day it was plain to me that the material is big, bigger than I'd seen in Aikido so far. I was encouraging to see how it can make sense even to me, at my dim light level.

Getting full mastery of the skills presented by Mike in a couple of years looks quite a preposterous claim to me. Knowing how to work and what to aim for is a much much better perspective than the idea of a magic pill seminar.

I did run into "familiar territory" in areas, and was reminded very much of things felt as uke for visting folks. But it's quite a different thing to understand how and why...

Highly recommended

Alfonso Adriasola
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