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Re: Comprehensive Yoseikan Budo book in ENGLISH!!!

Michael Crowell wrote: View Post
I too have noticed that sutemi ukemi can be harsh. At least in the learning stages (as in my case) it seems like in alot of the full sutemi, the uke has to be good enough to take the impact for the tori as well.
The sutemi waza are seriously dangerous. You have to be good to take the throw, but you also have to keep mistakes in mind and unexpected things because a sutemi waza is full commitment. You really have to be able to take whatever comes.

Michael Crowell wrote: View Post
I had a chance to dig deeper into this fantastic book this weekend. It's interesting to see how much time Mr. Kruyning spent on the self development aspect of budo. Very interesting indeed. It's great to see that after physical peak there is still much to offer from budo.
Edgar's just 40. He's got a way to go before he peaks, I believe.

If you really want an idea of what can be done in later years, though, you should also invest in a copy of Transparent Power, by Tatsuo Kimura, and read the life story of Yukiyoshi Sagawa. He was a student of Sokaku Takeda from age 11 until Takeda's death in 1943, many years. He trained with Takeda in far more depth than Morihei Ueshiba and he had a different opinion of what aiki is. That's a great book as well.

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