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Freaky! Re: Guests in the House

I recall the old BJJ taking over aikiweb craze. Aikido folks studying aiki getting treated like those folks is just so bizarre.

A couple years ago, I actually responded to some technique thread talking about kotegaeshi from a more internal stand point thinking - you know in a forum everyone could have a voice. And I was shocked that my post was moved to a place called "non-aikido whatever..." So I got annoyed and took about a year or so off from aikiweb.

It's one side of the coin to be dominating every discussion about internals. But it's quite another to be told that what you do in your own AIKIDO dojo is now non-aikido because you want to do aikido more like O-sensei.

So, years go by and we finally had a thread in the general section about IT. I said everything I wanted to say. I tried to take it further about how to best put aiki back into aikido and didn't get too much traction. I don't think enough people are ready. That time will come, and it won't have much to do with _my_ maturity.

I would love to have some of the forums that Ellis suggests. Otherwise, unless asked, I'll probably not post all that often about aiki unless I get interested in one of my hot buttons like:
  • posts about TRUE Internal Strength or TRUE aiki, or true shihonage, etc. (If you have an alternative context, state it or be subject to questioning)
  • posts about how just showing up to the dojo to basically masterbate as a client is just as valid as showing up to actually be a student (annoyed me way before I had any idea about aiki)
  • -or my new favorite- posts that say things like "I've got a secret, and the VALUES of that secret are also a secret". Can't help it; that one gets my interest every time.


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