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Re: The book is in!

Nathan Scott wrote: View Post
Hi all,

The publisher has advised me the book is officially available now, and the advance orders those of you may have placed have already been shipped!

The book is currently available directly from the publisher only at this time. Apparently it will take about two weeks for the book to be available from, and I believe will be carrying it soon as well.

Feel free to post your impressions of the book here if you feel inclined.


Nathan Scott

"There are people who make a profession out of selling the arts. They treat themselves as articles of merchandise and produce objects with a view to selling them ... Someone who might want to learn such a way with the goal of making money should keep in mind the saying, Strategy inadequately learned is the cause of serious wounds."

- Miyamoto Musashi, 1645 (Gorin no Sho)
I got my copy yesterday...

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