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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 15

Well, I, for one... and I'm sure there are many others, find your approach a welcome addition to the information that's available in print now. I have a tendency to do things on my own terms as well and appreciate that in others... and I'm sure there are many that disagree with my approach.

I'm looking forward to the final edition in book form when it suits you. I have been involved in the study and practice of Japasutram for many years and see many similarities to Kototama. When I was the resident teacher at Nakazono's dojo in Santa Fe after he left and it was sold, I heard lots of stories about him while he lived and taught acupuncture there. I think his son is still there practicing as an acupuncturist and teaching medicine.

If you ever get around the Seattle area, please stop by. Phil Relnick is here along with Ellis and George; and it would be fun to get together.

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