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Re: Steven Seagal seems like a jerk teacher. A bit at least...

David Orange wrote: View Post
But O Sensei's aikido was intended to powerfully thrust into the world as a statement for and an expression of peace. And Love.
And sometimes, demonstrating the depths that humans can sink to can go a long way towards creating a consciousness of need which will move people to action, action which will bring about the revolution of peace about which you speak. Without action there really is no peace at all.

I don't believe that "aiki is love" but I do believe that aikido is a pure and powerful thing created by Morihei Ueshiba to make that statement of peace. The scroll he gave my teacher was daito ryu. The aikido he created was intended to be something different: a handmade sword for peace in the world.

So the nature of aikido and how it is used is certainly as important as the nature and depiction of the katana, both as an instrument of death and protection and as a shaper of a society.

David Orange wrote: View Post
To show the nature of the katana, you must show the cutting. But to show the nature of aikido, you must show a sword of a much finer nature and it must not be covered with gore and wielded with taunts and a sneer.
Where is any evidence that O-Sensei would support this ridiculously simple perversion of Aiki is love. You have already stated you don't believe something that we have all heard him say via interviews and films. So as you reject what the founder, himself says Aikido is, you want people to believe that you have any idea about his art. Truthfully speaking, you don't even have your own reasons for your statements. You are using your own twisted views of Aikido as your defense for your statements. That is simply a pathetic excuse, like what the religious sycophants use to defend blowing up abortion doctors - something I have a feeling you probably support, too.

David Orange wrote: View Post
Seagal has shown us Morihei Ueshiba's sword of love used for the vilest purpose of making Seagal wealthy and famous. In the process, he defames Morihei's sword and perpetuates the mentality that Morihei intended to cut through. That's how he misuses aikido using it to create what it was intended to heal.
This is probably the single most unsupported point posted here on AikiWeb. You stand there on your rickety soapbox preaching away your religious rant about what the founder wanted for the world without offering anything to back up your twisted, perverted, negatively charged, witless diatribe.

David Orange wrote: View Post
That's what I really mean and that is why I protest Seagal's flicks.
Protest? You mean rant! You sit behind a keyboard and have done absolutely nothing to bring about the change you claim to defend.

Have you written his production company and communicated your feelings?
Have you contacted anyone in Hollywood to communicate you opinions and request a change?
Have you written a movie and submitted it with Seagal Sensei (someone that you already agree has a great power to effect the world's subconsciousness) in mind?
Have you contacted Seagal Sensei directly?

No... No... No... and No...

Why? because you are a coward and you are so declared by using your own standards exemplified here on AikiWeb. You have failed to stand up and defend your own principles. Instead you wave O-Sensei's flag while at the same time changing its colors to suit your own misaligned inaction. You are the coward you ineffectively slashes about with your plastic toy sword trying to do damage to anyone standing within striking distance of the soapbox castle which you claim to defend in the name of some Holy War of Justice Is that the name you have chosen for your soon to be filmed autobiography?

You claim some high moral ground upon which you preach down your rants of hate. The truth is you are a coward who stand in a hole, actually a latrine that you have dug for yourself, and worse for the aikido community at large - and this all in the name of the founder, Morihei Ueshiba.

Get a life and stand up for yourself before you come out and claim to stand up for the higher principles of O-Sensei's Aikido, a thing about which you obviously know nothing.

Oh, and was that you who ran out screaming after getting rebuffed for reaching your hand under the wall into my bathroom stall when at the airport down in AL? Why don't you come out of the closet already, or is that where you keep your soapbox when not standing on it?

lastly, is seems totally lost upon you that via your own twisted logic used here in this thread that you would be considered EVIL. You have chosen to continue to unnecessarily malign people to serve your own good, when you could just as easily choose to do something positive to bring about the betterment of others. As such you would be relegated to hell, an imaginary place made up by and for the self-righteous and self deluted, which you have proven yourself to be... "a bit at least"

Oh, and in the name of Stan Baker.... "Who your teacher?"


I no longer participate in or read the discussion forums here on AikiWeb due to the unfair and uneven treatment of people by the owner/administrator.