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Re: Steven Seagal seems like a jerk teacher. A bit at least...

David Orange wrote: View Post
Movies like Shogun's Executioner and Lone Wolf and Cub, Yojimbo and those kinds of things created a world that reflected ancient Japan and always carried strong moral content. And they didn't have to over-gorify the violence in a vain attempt for "realism" that is far, far, crazily far from "realistic."

I'm sorry, my man, but have you ever seen Lone Wolf and Cub before? They are, quite possibly, the most needlessly gory samurai (chanbara) films in existence. Literally every person who dies does so in one of the most horrific ways possible, and it's not for realism's sake. Though I'm no expert, I'm sure that there has never been a samurai in the history of Japan who has the bodycount that Ogami Itto does. Also, does it matter to you that Itto himself claims in all of those movies to be "on the road to hell", living a "life of pure evil"? Not to mention the fact that the films are predicated on the subject of revenge, which, from a moral and ethical standpoint, is repugnant.

Also, Yojimbo is the story of a man that uses his wits and killing talents to pit two groups of people together for his own personal monetary gain. What a paragon of martial righteousness.

That being said, I'm able take these films for what they are: entertainment. I love 'em. But if there was ever a person who was, by your meter, bastardizing martial arts (koryu bujutsu) for money, then you need look no further than Wakayama Tomisabro, Shintaro Katsu, and the Japanese film culture.

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