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Re: Steven Seagal seems like a jerk teacher. A bit at least...

Shaun Ravens wrote: View Post
If you keep continue to vomit up your idiotic vitriol, I may just have to tell you how I really feel in my next post.
If I continue to seem more and more of a jerk? Will it justify something more....what?

Ashley asked what about that all the people Seagal breaks up are all drug users or murderers? To put up these fantasy people with virtual fangs, then rip them to pieces also justifies that kind of mind in the real world: paint them evil; repeat. Paint them more evil; repeat. Until it is justified to do whatever one will to them.

It's the "whatever one will" that's way too over the top in Seagal's movies. You can't make money by poisoning people's minds and pay it back with Buddhist chants. And you can't abuse aikido without some comment from other people who have devoted large parts of their lives to the art.

But do tell me how you really feel.


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