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Re: Steven Seagal seems like a jerk teacher. A bit at least...

David Orange wrote: View Post
It's not about his aikido training. It's how he sells aikido out for a dirty buck. It's low and unworthy.

Gee, David... tell us how you really feel. I had written up a long, dispassionate reply which detailed the many factual errors in your comments, but unfortunately it got mistakenly deleted. After following the thread, I realized you didn't really deserve my time and effort, even though your comments go a long way to providing a negative view of a person that you know nothing about. I am not sure what you have accomplished in your life other than being able to look up and criticize those above you in the grander scheme of things, but, as it goes, you surely have managed to curdle my milk.

You make it seem like your opinion has any real value, which it clearly does not. It is based completely on your inability to understand even the most basic elements of how Hollywood works, how Seagal Sensei views his role in both these films and in Hollywood. More importantly your opinion is devoid of balance as though you are not able to process any information that doesn't fit into your emotionally charged, child-like, temper-tantrum filled view of the world. You show that you do not have any real understanding of what Seagal Sensei is also well-know for, that being his promoting Buddhist precepts of love and compassion, a love for animals, to educate people on the damage being done to the environment and many, many other philanthropic endeavors in which he is highly involved. You paint a simplistic, nine year old's black and white view of a person with whom you have no personal knowledge of - one that clearly represents your black heart, and worse comes from your own, self-deluded ideals about how white the world should look. In short, GROW THE F UP!

Personally speaking, you seem like a jerk, and more than just a bit. You should never be allowed to teach (anything) nor be allowed near anyone's children for fear that you will corrupt their hearts, minds and future ability to discern reality from fantasy. Most importantly, you truly need to go see a mental health professional before you implode and attempt to injure yourself.


If you keep continue to vomit up your idiotic vitriol, I may just have to tell you how I really feel in my next post.

I no longer participate in or read the discussion forums here on AikiWeb due to the unfair and uneven treatment of people by the owner/administrator.