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Does any one of you know a remedy for trapped nerve? Painkillers don't work and even the gentlest of ukemis is impossible. My back really hurts . Yes I did see a doctor and he said that he does not really know to do. Thanks for help and suggestions
Im not a doctor though I play one on t.v. [j/k] - lol
Seriously though, I have had issues with severe back pain where I cry myself into the wee hour of the mornings.

im not into synthetics, etc. What has helped me, where my back doesnt even trouble me... as well as what helps when it does:

- preventative: [exercise. I used to weight lift, and I figured if i did that again it would help as my back never hurt when I did it... there was a slight curve in my spine, which may have gotten there from an accident when I was a kid... and another accident as an adult seemed to bring it to light.]

That mixed with yoga, though yoga by itself seems to even trigger it...[but consistency with yoga seems to keep it away.]

Secondly I eat smashed poppie seeds with akac honey.
Its about a bowl full after being smashed as its fluffy once you grind it and then mix with 2 tablespoons of honey. While this does not provide immediate relief it does allow for sleep sometime in the night with the ability to wake up feeling better... sensitive but after another day it goes away.

Poppies are cheap in Hungary, the amount I use, if your stateside, would probably bankrupt you.
[its legal to grow here and its sold at the local farmers market and in the grocery stores, etc. On a side note, those who think they have tasted poppies by eating a bagle... sorry, youve missed it, especially if it hasnt been smashed your not getting the flavor. Got a pic up at flickr of a 'real' poppie seed cookie.]

Also, time in nature and mediation does wonders. Stress really triggers whatever is happening back there. Used to have seizures [in the guise of fainting spells/black outs] when younger and took medication for a couple of years... but havent used mediation for over 17 years...

Again, each person is unique... but this is one dudes experience.



Janet, it seems I fell victim to the 8 year old thread to. lol!

A friend of mine who is rather tall and experienced back pain due to being tall told me of a trick of sleeping with a pillow between your legs... not bad.

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