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Re: Comprehensive Yoseikan Budo book in ENGLISH!!!

Michael Crowell wrote: View Post
Thank you for your response Mr. Orange.

I just received the book today and I must say I am impressed with the amount of information enclosed. I'm far from qualified to comment on the accuracy and quality of the information because I'm only kyu ranked in Yoseikan Budo, but it does look very similar to my training program.
Who are you training with?

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As far as the amount of information, I guess the same can be said for Yoseikan Budo. The Yoseikan syllabus is a bit overwhelming and vast in my limited view on the subject. It's definitely a life long study for amateurs like myself!
It's more than most people will ever be agle to get much of a handle on in a lifetime. Edgar has the most complete grasp of the yoseikan as taught by both father and son, of any non-Japanese I've ever known.

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Please forward my thanks to Mr. Kruyning.
I hope you'll make the effort to go and train with him once you reach black belt.

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Thank you for your time and consideration.
Glad you got the book. Thanks for your efforts.


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