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Re: My Experiences in Cross Training MMA with Aikido

Chris Hein wrote: View Post
If you are Potentially going to be in any kind of fight, shouldn't you try to avoid it. Is what I mean to say.

Glad you caught that one...
Yup of course I agree to this.

However in some cases, whether the person is unarmed or armed does change the decision whether to stand ground or flee.

For e.g., there has been some times in a club where I accidentally bump into a drunk guy and he gets really pissed. Of course I apologize and try to get away first but sometimes that's not enough. There was this one occasion where this rather large and drunk guy grabbed me by my shirt and threatened to punch the shit out of me. I apologized again but sometimes, apologies only serve to make the guy feel more pumped up. He demanded me to bow down to him and kiss his feet.

While his hand was still grabbed onto my shirt, I then applied a nikyo lock and immobilized him while I screamed for the bouncers to take him away.

Now if he was holding a knife to me...I would probably apologize some more and kiss his feet or what not and let him get his way around and even punch/kick me until I could find a moment to flee. After all I think if I placated him enough, as long as I did not get stabbed, it was acceptable to get beat up. That would have been not acceptable if it was a totally unarmed situation.

I totally understand where you are getting at though Chris and I also understand your annoyance.

I'm not saying that both being unarmed means you should kick the snot out of them. It means that both being unarmed, there are more options available. Before a fight there are several pre-fight stages if u can classify it as such, and during those times it is unclear whether you can talk your way out of it and whether it will escalate.

If he threatened to fight, you still have some room to talk and try to avoid the situation. The escalation can still be prevented though of course you're on red alert. Running away at this stage would result in escalation as it would most likely be seen as a sign of weakness and result in him chasing you down. In an unarmed situation, there's still the possibility of trying to resolve things and with the confidence that you can still defend yourself in this situation, there's a longer time you can stay in this 'pre-fight' stage.

However with a knife, the moment he pulls out that knife, I'm outta here!
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