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Re: Steven Seagal seems like a jerk teacher. A bit at least...

Guy N. L. Jameson wrote: View Post
Do you think his film roles can be equated to how he taught/teaches?
When Seagal Sensei teaches he is direct and succinct. He answers all questions honestly and with tremendous insight. There was one time I had so many questions about Irimi-nage that I had them listed out on a sheet of paper. By the time he answered the first question there was no need to continue. He had explained it in such a way that I knew exactly what he was doing. However, he expects once he does teach something, that you understand it and perform it correctly. He seems to be turned off by having to repeat himself. But is that not the way many traditional teachers teach? His Aikido is on a different level, thus, he teaches on a different level.

As for his desire to hurt people, I will say this: His desire for functional Aikido is greater than his desire to hurt people. I have been in a compromised position more than once (shihonage) and he paused to allow me to catch up or adjust before throwing. Having the opportunity to hurt me, he chose not to.