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Re: Steven Seagal seems like a jerk teacher. A bit at least...

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While you are at it, why not mention every other person who has been in a violent movie or a movie that involves bad morals.
Because their acting doesn't employ as deep a subconscious-to-subconscious communication capacity as Seagal's aikido. It's not that he makes atrocious movies, but that he so misuses the power of aikido to do it, and broadcasts such a counter-aikido spirit in his movies that, as a long time student of aikido, I can't let it go without comment.

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You can't single out an actor or two when countless do it.
This isn't so much about his acting but about what he chooses to portray and how he misuses aikido to do it.

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Acting is called acting for a reason. There are even people playing "good roles" who certainly don't live that kind of life. You can't judge a person by a role that they act, nor can you judge a book by its cover.
"We are what we pretend to be. Therefore, we must be careful what we pretend to be."
Kurt Vonnegutt

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As far as seing O' Sensei tossing around an uke, again it wouldn't bother me provided the uke is/appears to be capable of taking those falls.
So you would think just as well of O Sensei if you saw him smashing people's faces into mirrors or bathroom sinks? Not many ukes can take that.


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