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Marc Abrams
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Re: Training at Aikikai Hombu Dojo - Experiences


I am curious as to what your reasons and expectations were for going to the Hombu Dojo in Tokyo. I personally do not feel any particular desire or reason to go there when I am in Japan. It was much more meaningful for me to visit O'Sensei's grave site in Tanabe. The main reason for that was that my teacher accompanied his son to take his father's ashes to that final resting place. For me, it was my tangible link to my teacher back to the founder. As far as training goes, I would agree with Ledyard Sensei when he talks about the wonderful opportunities that we have within the US to train with some really great instructors and some who were students of the founder (as is my teacher).

Many times, our reasons and expectations do not jive with the reality of the experience, leaving us disappointed and jaded. I am sorry that the experience did not live up to what you expected it to be. I hope that your training at your dojo allows that memory to fade into oblivion.

Marc Abrams
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