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Kevin Karr
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Re: Training at Aikikai Hombu Dojo - Experiences

I am sorry you did not have an enjoyable experience, but I have to agree with what John Matsushima said above. I have known several people who have trained at Hombu and each and every one had an acceptable experience.

I often hear complaints regarding this "joyful" training thing and how some people or places lack in this respect. What is this expectation? I know O-Sensei said something about this but training is supposed to be serious; no laughing, joking, talking, kibbutzing...this is training! O-Sensei said the study of his budo is austere and serious. Therefore, expect things to be intense! Pay attention or you may get smacked upside the head. The Aikido mat is not some play-date or a place to commence in "water-cooler" chit chat. When one is on the mat, they are expected to stay there until class is finished. If one really needs water, they can get it but one is expected to do this post-haste and get back on that mat!
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